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Shanghai Travel Season Tips

22.07.2021, 04:26
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Shanghai Travel Season Tips

Weather in Shanghai is generally mild with four seasons. Summer is hot and humid with strong sunshine while winter is cold and dry. The best times to visit Shanghai are spring and autumn. However be aware that the huge crowds could appear at the airport, tourist sites, shopping areas, restaurants, and hotels during the Chinese New Year (usually falls in January or February), International Labor Day (May 1) holidays and National Day (Oct 1) holiday.To get more news about China scenic spots, you can visit shine news official website.

Spring comes in March to May when flowers bloom. The weather of spring is comfortable in Shanghai. In spring, Pudong (peach blossom), Qingpu (plum blossom), Fengxian (rape flower) are all good place to go outing. June to July comes the rain season, and July to August is wet and hot. September to November is the best season to taste crab, Yangcheng Lake crab is the top recommendation. Winter from December to February is cold and dry with occasional snow.
Shanghai Travel guide: Shanghai Travel Guide can introduce you to Shanghai tourism profile, Shanghai Attractions and Shanghai travel agencies, allowing you to quickly grasp the Shanghai tourist information. At the same time, we can give advice for your customized service on how to arrange Shanghai trip, Shanghai tourist matters, Shanghai travel season tips as well as Shanghai travel packages. With the Shanghai tourism traffic, food and shopping tips, you will have a wonderful Shanghai travel experience.
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